Sun Devil Mock Trial (SDMT) at Arizona State University is a competitive trial advocacy organization that combines speech, debate, theater, and even science! It’s courtroom drama, theatrical drama, and dramatic rhetoric all rolled into one.

If you’re interested in law, justice, acting, public speaking, debating, or if you just like having fun and meeting new people, SDMT may be the perfect fit for you – our competitors range from pre-law students to Biology majors to Material Science Engineers! All competitors learn about law, courtroom etiquette, rules of evidence, trial procedure all while building public speaking and critical thinking skills.

So, how does it work?

Teams of 6-9 students compete against other universities in 3-hour trials. Students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses, giving opening statements, cross examinations, and closing arguments. At the beginning of the year, students are given a case file (which includes affidavits, depositions, evidence and relevant laws), and then they use that case file to write direct and crosss-examinations, as well as opening statements and closing arguments. The goal is to use the materials provided to put on the best case possible for your client. The competitions are judged by real-life attorneys and judges.