Current Members (2022-2023)


PRESIDENT: Jackson Manship 

Jackson Manship is a senior from Incline Summit, NV studying Aerospace Engineering and French. Jackson hopes to achieve a successful career in the navy followed by work in engineering or law (Jackson wants power!). Aside from SDMT, Jackson is the VP of the Sports Analytics Association. You can also find him playing volleyball, playing World of Warships, spending way too much time on spreadsheets, or following Formula 1. This semester, Jackson looks forward to making a run for nationals in his final year with SDMT. His favorite mock memory is going 7-1 with his regionals team freshman year. Jackson is a Leo/ENTJ whose favorite movie is Inception, favorite book is La Divina Commedia, favorite show is White Collar, and whose favorite food is Fiorentina steak. Jackson is motivated by the pursuit of excellence, power, and providing for his (future) family and kids. Jackson’s unpopular opinion is that french fries are overrated, and while we might not guess it, Jackson tends to be very sarcastic. Jackson’s guilty pleasure is watching old F1 races.

Quote: “Law: all that will go wrong for will involving ASU” – Linus Ros 2022 

Anthem: Lord Knows – Meek Mill

Year in SDMT: 4th


Sydney Myers is a senior from Phoenix AZ. She is studying History and French with hopes to put her French degree to use doing international law! When not at SDMT, you can find Sydney cooking, going to museums, or birdwatching. This semester, Sydney says she looks forward to “crushing the competition under my flats.” Her favorite mock memory is getting sushi at Junn’s with her fall team last year, and her favorite food is sushi. Sydney is a Cancer/INTP (“two red flags on legs”) whose favorite book is 1177 BCE: The Year Civilization Collapsed and who is motivated by clout.  Sydney’s guilty pleasure is reality TV and she claims that pineapple on pizza “goes hard.” Something we’d never guess about Sydney is that in sixth grade she learned her brother’s locker combo and would steal his snacks during their passing period (sorry Patrick).

Quote: “I want Death to find me planting my cabbages, neither worrying about it nor the unfinished gardening” – Michael de Montaigne

Anthem: The Man – The Killers

Year in SDMT: 4th

TREASURER: Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller is a junior from Scottsdale AZ studying Politics and the Economy alongside Philosophy and Statistics. Jordan aspires to make the most impact he can on the issues of poverty and avoiding the climate crisis, and outside of SDMT, he works on a nonprofit attempting to found a climate-federalism. Jordan is thrilled to spend another semester with the “best community on campus” and he shares that his favorite mock memory is the never-ending saga of his stolen catalytic converter. Jordan is an Aries whose favorite food is short rib and whose favorite TV show is the Sopranos. He’s motivated by “experiencing more of the world and using that knowledge to create solutions to meaningful problems.” Jordan’s guilty pleasure is bagged caesar salad and he admits that he is not a big fan of Legally Blonde. While we may not guess it about him, Jordan plays a great frat character.

Quote: “The first draft of anything is shit” – Ernest Hemingway

Anthem: Gasoline – The Weeknd

Year in SDMT: 2nd

SECRETARY: Haley Rominger

Haley Rominger is a senior from Ellensburg, WA studying English Literature and Music Performance. Aside from SDMT, Haley works at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies doing research on pre-modern and early modern literature. She is applying to law school and to Teach for America, and she hopes to find a career in either law or teaching (or both!). Haley is Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising who loves macaroni and cheese, New Girl, and spending time with her besties. She is motivated by the intelligence and kindness of her friends and her guilty pleasure is watching Netflix until 3am. An unpopular opinion she shares is that there are more doors than wheels. While we might not guess it about her, Haley has completed four half marathons and has trained to be a yoga instructor! She shares that her guilty pleasure is listening to Yung Gravy songs. Her favorite mock memory is winning a bid with team Ghost and taking train Jelani to ORCS. This semester she is thrilled to take off with Felder v. Koller Campbell Air LLC!

Quote: “Mamma mia, gabagool, where’s all this cash coming from?” Sydney Myers as Tristain Frost, 2022

Anthem: Mr. Clean – Yung Gravy

Year in SDMT: 2nd


Linus Ros is a sophomore from Phoenix AZ studying Economics and Public Policy and Public Service. Outside of SDMT, you can find Linus reading, skiing, or playing chess. Linus’ career goal is to one day retire happy and satisfied. His favorite mock memory is dinner on Saturday after day one of ORCS, and this semester he is excited to win NATS. Linus’ favorite book is The Wheel of Time, favorite movie is The Notebook, favorite show is Schitt’s Creek, and favorite food is lasagna. Linus firmly believes that breakfast is the worst meal, and while we might not guess it about him, he makes a “mean lasagna.” Linus’ guilty pleasure is pink lemonade.

Quote: “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and to the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard” JFK 

Anthem: We Didn’t Start the Fire – B. Joel

Year in SDMT: 2nd



Neha Ahmed

Neha Ahmed is a freshman studying Political Science. Hailing from Glendale, AZ, Neha tells us she plans on going to law school and she’s excited to meet new people in mock trial. Aside from SDMT, she loves hanging out with friends or cozying up with a book. She is a Leo/ENFP whose favorite movie is Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and whose favorite food is ice cream! Her guilty pleasure is taking naps and she shares that she is a “huge weeb” and video game nerd. Helping others and making progress in becoming a better person motivates Neha. She apologetically shares that she puts milk before cereal (“it makes it less soggy”).

Quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Anthem: Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza – Mac Miller

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Sierra Anglen

Sierra Anglen is a freshman studying Biological Sciences – specifically conservation biology and ecology – who wants to go into environmental law. She’s from San Tan Valley, AZ and she can’t wait to learn how mock trial works! When she’s not at SDMT you can find her on walks with her cat or volunteering for park cleanups. Sierra is a Taurus/INFJ who loves the movie Inception, the book In a Dark, Dark Wood, and the TV show Parks and Recreation. Sierra is motivated by the knowledge that “after all is said and done, I’ve made an impact on the people near me and I’ve helped make the world around me a better place.” She shares that her favorite food is the ever-so-versatile sandwich and her guilty pleasure is watching cartoons. She is also a fantastic piano player and shares that Taylor Swift is an amazing musician. 

Quote: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Anthem: Heart to Heart – Kenny Loggins

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Anjali Backus

Anjali Backus is a freshman from Goodyear, AZ. She’s studying Political Science and she hopes to become a lawyer! Besides SDMT, Anjali loves to explore the best boba places in Arizona, work at Chick-fil-A, and hang out with friends. This semester, she’s excited to see the preparation and presentation for a big law case. Anjali is a Pisces who loves Gilmore Girls, country music, crab curry, and boba tea. Anjali is motivated by “Achieving my end goal, to prove to myself and others that I can do it”. She shares that, although you’d never guess it, she is an “AMAZING” pickleball player.  

Quote: “We’re almost there & nowhere near it. All that matters is that we’re going!” – Lorelai

Anthem: Motive – Ariana Grande

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Joe Beining

Joe Beining is a freshman studying Political Science. Joe recently moved from Wisconsin to Menomonee Falls, and here in AZ you can find him hanging out with his roommates, reading, walking around, or checking out the astronomy club. Joe is keeping an eye out for opportunities and would like to be a lawyer. Joe is motivated by trying new things and interacting with people, and this semester he’s excited to try mock trial and see how the competition process works. He is an Aries/INFP who loves fettuccine alfredo and the movie Good Will Hunting, the book No Longer Human, and the show Better Call Saul. Joe shares his unpopular opinion that “burgers are not good” and he questions whether or not he is double-jointed. His guilty pleasure is taking cookies from the Barrett Dining Hall. 

Quote: “Freedom without any purpose feels a whole lot like boredom” – Inio Asano

Anthem: Hey Ya – Outkast  

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Gianna Bertsche

Gianna Bertsche is a sophomore pursuing Justice Studies, Criminal Justice, and Criminology. From San Diego, CA, Gianna shares that she is a “river rat” who loves wakeboarding, tubing, and jet skiing! She is excited to get to know everyone in mock trial and compete together this semester. Gianna is also involved with ASU’s Undergraduate Law Association and she aims to pursue a career in criminal law.  She is a Leo who love My Cousin Vinny, carnitas tacos, and who begrudgingly states that “Star Wars really isn’t that good.” Her guilty pleasure is eating a dangerous amount of cookie dough and watching nostalgic movies. 

Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Anthem: This is how we do it – Montell Jordan, Wino

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Jaidan Bhakta

Jaidan Bhakta is a freshman from Chandler, AZ. He is studying Political Science with hopes of becoming a lawyer in either constitutional, criminal, or corporate law. He is excited to be part of SDMT’s intellectual and passionate community of students and learn more about legal procedures in the courtroom. Outside of mock trial, you can find Jaidan playing volleyball or basketball, reading the news, watching Netflix or HBO, or hanging out with friends. He admits his guilty pleasure is binging shows and makes the bold claim that lemonade is better than coffee. Jaidan shares the hot take that “artificial intelligence hurts humanity significantly more than it helps it” and says that, while you may never guess this, he plays piano.

Quote: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones  

Anthem: Dancing Queen – ABBA

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Alina Bozko

Alina Bozko is a freshman studying Political Science. She’s Virgo from Goodyear, AZ who loves to work, read, and go to the gym! Alina hopes to pursue a career in law and she’s excited for the opportunity to compete as an attorney in mock trial. Her favorite part of mock is objection battles and she’s motivated by ambition and a love for what she does. When asked for an unpopular opinion, Aina said that “beaches are kind of boring.” Alina’s favorite movie is Ten Things I Hate About You and her favorite book is A Life in Men. Her guilty pleasure is eating straight from the ice cream tub and, though you’d never guess it, she speaks Russian!

Quote: “Life is beautiful and the best is yet to come”

Anthem: I’m Born to Run – American Authors

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Riley Brock

Riley Brock is a junior from Tucson AZ studying Public Health and Political Science with hopes of becoming a lawyer. Aside from SDMT, Riley interns at Collin Bradley Law while also coaching high school mock trial at BASIS Ahwatukee. Riley is excited to build on the existing relationships she’s made with the people in the program, as well as to make new friends with the newbies! She can’t wait to start competing again, and her favorite memories from last year were when team Viper flipped OC’s demo at regionals, being in Vegas with Viper, and winning her 25-rank attorney award. Riley is an Aries/ENFJ who claims that Station Eleven is the best TV show of all time. Riley’s favorite foods are Xi’an oil splashing noodles and chicken korma with garlic naan. Her guilty pleasure is pre-2018 Fall Out Boy and she unpopularly claims that ketchup is the worst condiment.

Quote: “This strange and awful time was the happiest of my life”-  Station 11

Anthem: Woo – Rihanna

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins is a junior from Gilbert Arizona studying Criminal Justice and Criminology alongside Political Science. When not at SDMT, you can find Charlie working at Walmart. Charlie hopes to work in the legal system and make a difference either as a prosecutor or a politician, and he’s excited to join SDMT and find students with similar passions and compete together against other universities!  Charlie shares that his favorite TV show is Better Call Saul and his favorite food is orange chicken. He is motivated by the idea that “I can make a difference, even just a small one, that makes other people’s lives better.” Charlie shares that his guilty pleasure is listening to video game music (especially from Persona games), an unpopular opinion of his is that pineapple on pizza tastes amazing, and something we’d never guess about him is that he has a very powerful memory for movie quotes and references. 

Quote: “The important thing is not how long you live… It’s what you accomplish with your life.”

Anthem: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Claudia Corrales

Claudia Corrales is a senior from Mesa AZ. Studying Business Law and Real Estate, Claudia hopes to practice law! Outside of SDMT, Claudia attempts to make herself read books, but thus far has found herself baking instead. Claudia’s guilty pleasures are shopping and creating interior design plans that she’ll never actually go through with. Something we’d never guess about her is that she does stained glass art and her unpopular opinion is that Universal Studios is the best theme park. This semester in SDMT Claudia is excited to meet the newbies and see everyone again. Her favorite mock trial memory is having to listen to Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape 20 times per practice on team Ember. Claudia’s favorite movie is The Mummy (1999) and her favorite food is anything with pasta in it. She’s motivated by seeing progress, both in herself and in other people.

Quote: “Don’t be afraid it won’t be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of really is that it won’t be.” – Stephen Sondheim

Anthem: vroom vroom – charlie XCX

Year in SDMT: 3rd

Matt Crothers 

Matt Crothers is a freshman from Prescott AZ studying Computer Systems Engineering. Matt would love to get into the field of prosthetics, specifically “creating a link between neurological input with a mechanical output. Seamless prosthesis!” Aside from SDMT, Matt likes to rock climb, mountain bike, camp, fish, and really anything outdoors. He also enjoys gaming and anything he can do with his friends. This semester in SDMT, Matt looks forward to the comradery of the team, as well as the collegiate competition atmosphere.  At the moment, Matt’s favorite show is Breaking Bad, though it might soon become Better Call Saul. Matt enjoys a nice rare steak and shares that coconut is “the worst flavor you can make something.” Something we’d never guess about him is that he was the state champion mountain bike racer in high school. His guilty pleasure is doing absolutely nothing all day.

Quote: “Look at Gaga, she’s the creative director of Polaroid. I like some of the Gaga songs, what the f— does she know about cameras?” – Kanye West

Anthem: Boogie – Brockhampton; Runway – Kanye West

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Leena Darwish

Leena Darwish is a senior from St. Louis, MI studying Psychology, Criminology, and Law & Human Behavior. Aside from SDMT, Leena works for a non-profit called ISBA where she works on breaking down stereotypes and building bridges. Leena is also a front desk assistant for ASU Housing. Leena hopes to go to law school, become a cool therapist who gets paid to listen to people’s problems, or become a social worker. This semester, she’s excited to meet the newbies, see the returners, work with the coaches, and possibly embarrass herself multiple times – “all that jazz :).” Her favorite SDMT memory was her first team dinner with team Blaze at Snakes and Lattes. Leena shares that her favorite TV show of all time is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but her current favorite is Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Leena is an Aries/ENTJ who is motivated by her haters and loves to make shrimp tacos. When asked what’s something we’d never guess about her, she responded “my hair color ;)” Leena also shares that her unpopular opinion is that the office is overrated and apologetically shares that her guilty pleasure is Tom Hiddleston.

Quote: “Hmmmm funny, not funny haha, funny im going to have a breakdown”

Anthem: All of Us – Labyrinth, Zendaya

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Lola Deibert

Lola Deibert is a sophomore from Oakland CA. She is studying Business Law with hopes of getting a law degree and going into law and/or politics! Aside from SDMT she is a part of a sorority on campus and participates in philanthropies and events. In her free time, you can find her going to museums, festivals, and trying new things. This semester, Lola looks forward to meeting new people and competing with SDMT. Lola is a Scorpio whose favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice and whose favorite food is Thai food. She is motivated by her mom and her goals. Something we might not guess about her is that she played basketball for 8 years and that she rode horses competitively. An unpopular opinion of Lola is that pineapple belongs on pizza and her guilty pleasure is long TV series.

Quote: “Choose your hard”

Anthem: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Lydia Dawson

Lydia Dawson is a sophomore from Eagan, MN studying Political Science and Spanish. When she’s not at SDMT, you can find her weightlifting, cooking, or spending time with friends and family. Lydia hopes to become a criminal defense attorney, a public defender, a judge, or even work for a non-profit. This semester in SDMT, she’s excited to work with new people, grow closer to the team, and travel for invitationals. Her favorite SDMT memory is celebrating getting an ORCS bid with her team last spring. While it is subject to change, Lydia’s favorite TV show is New Girl. Her favorite food is pasta, but Lydia also shares that she is “a huge chicken and rice girl for the muscles!” Lydia is a Cancer/ENFJ who is motivated by her family and friends; they always inspire her to keep going when it gets tough! Her unpopular opinion is that her home-made coffee tastes better than Starbucks, her guilty pleasure is trash reality TV, and something we’d never guess about her is that she is extremely flexible and can reach her leg over her head (which she credits to her 14 years of dance experience).

Quote: “An expert in anything was once a beginner”

Anthems: Forever – Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Dheeti Deliwala

Dheeti Deliwala is a senior from Chandler AZ double majoring in Computer Science and Political Science. When she’s not at SDMT, you can find her giving tours for Devil’s Advocate where she holds the eboard position of Tour Chair. Dheeti also interns for both the Phoenix Mayor’s Office and Doran Justice Law Firm. Aside from school and work, you can find her playing with her 2-year-old lab and/or painting! She hopes to have a future job with creative elements that allows her to give back to others, but for now, she’s focusing on getting through her honors thesis and graduation! This semester in SDMT, Dheeti is excited about objection arguments and all the fun case law. Her favorite mock memories are winning a bid freshman year on E team going 7-1 and then winning a bid junior year on A team going 8-0! Her favorite movie is Love Actually and her favorite foods are sushi and ramen. Dheeti is motivated by her dog, Tsuki, who is “so friggin cute and deserves all the toys in the world”. Dheeti shares that she is an ISTJ and that on a “What Potato are You?” Buzzfeed quiz, she got “mashed potato.” Her unpopular opinion is that milk goes before cereal and her guilty pleasures are Oreo Cakesters and K-Dramas.

Quote: “Don’t be sad its over, be glad it happened”

Anthem: Bounce Back – Big Sean

Year in SDMT: 4th

Chase DiBona

Chase DiBona is a sophomore from Seattle WA studying Business, Justice Studies, and SCETL. Besides SDMT, Chase plays guitar, reads, works out, and plays chess (challenge him to a chess match!). Chase hopes to become a civil right lawyer or a law professor. He’s excited to be on a team with great people this semester and shares that his favorite mock memory is playing Skylar De Jong as a character witness. Chase is a Gemini/INFP whose favorite book is The Sun Also Rises and whose favorite food is steak. He is motivated by his little brother. Chase believes that bananas should be opened from the bottom and he shares that, while completely unexpected, he is very into mid-2000s emo music. Chase also shares that his guilty pleasure is the Twilight movies.

Quote: “That which Fortune has not given, she cannot take away” – Seneca

Anthem: Reptilia – The Strokes

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Ariel Feffer

Ariel Feffer is a sophomore from Santa Clarita, CA studying Political Science and Psychology. Aside from SDMT, Ariel is the head of the brand management of Arizona Microcredit Initiative, the Vice President of a Jewish student organization, and a hopeful campus tour guide! Ariel aspires to become a Supreme Court Justice, but if that doesn’t work out she’d like to work in arbitration. This semester in SDMT, Ariel is excited to hang out with some of her favorite people and participate in tournaments all over the country. Her favorite mock memories are her team placing at her first tournament in Tucson and getting all-you-can-eat sushi with the team!  Ariel Shares that her favorite movie is Legally Blonde, her favorite book is Where the Crawdads Sing, her favorite show is The Office, and her favorite food is sushi. Ariel is motivated by her friends and family who push her to be the best version of herself. Her unpopular opinion is that Chris Shanley is a Swiftie; something you’d never guess about her is that when she was little, she wanted to be a “lion tamer comedian for the deaf” when she grew up. Ariel’s guilty pleasure is rewatching the Office for the 7th time.

Quote: “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars”

Anthem: Getaway Car – Taylor Swift

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Luke Fries

Luke Fries is a freshman from San Diego CA studying Business Law. Aside from SDMT, Luke enjoys snowboarding, surfing, listening to music, singing, and playing bass guitar.  Luke aspires to go to law school and hopes to work in corporate law. This semester, he’s super excited to meet new people, put his best foot forward, and win some competitions along the way. He is a Pisces/ENFP (Campaigner) whose favorite movie is The Interview, favorite books are the Tin Tin series, favorite show is The Boys, and whose favorite food is grilled cheese (especially with a brioche bun). Luke is driven by competition and by the idea that something might make a good story along the road. Something we might not guess about him is that he used to be a coxswain in middle school. His unpopular opinion is that disco isn’t “THAT bad” and his guilty pleasure is listening to Taylor Swift.

Quote: “Everything in moderation” – Luke’s mom

Anthem: 777 – Silk Sonic

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Christian Galia

Christian Galia is a sophomore from Phoenix AZ studying Economics and Philosophy. When he’s not at SDMT, you can find him playing basketball or reading philosophy. Christain hopes to become a successful lawyer, hopefully some type of litigator. This semester in SDMT, he is excited to think creatively, connect different facts and ideas, and string together arguments with  logical flow of progression while also “predicting the counters and making counters to their counters.” Christain shares that his favorite movie is Interstellar, his favorite book is Existentialism is a Humanism, his favorite show is Better Call Saul, and his favorite food is steak. Christian is motivated by winning and he claims that Breaking Bad is overrated (Better Call Saul is “easily better”). He explains that his guilty pleasure is being too obsessed with TV shows and he shares, although we might not have guessed it, he is a “sus rapper. I go by Dr. Sus (as in Dr. Suess is a poet and I’m the Lyrical poet).” 

Quote: “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you” – Tyrion Lancaster (Game of Thrones)

Anthem: Slidin

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez is a senior from Chandler AZ studying Business Law with hopes of becoming a lawyer! Aside from mock trial, you can find Aaron volunteering. Aaron shares that his favorite mock memory is Adam’s ORCS closing. This semester, he is excited to travel and bond with friends in SDMT. Aaron is a Pisces whose favorite movie is Wonder Woman, favorite book is My Beloved World, favorite show is Madame Secretary, and whose favorite food is Menudo. He shares that he is motivated by “the fear of failure” and an unpopular opinion that he has is that “kiwi skin is good.” Something we’d never guess about Aaron is that he’s a mediocre singer; Aaron’s guilty pleasure is going on top of parking garages in the middle of the night and enjoying the view. 

Quote: “To make a dream come true the first requirement is a great capacity to dream, the second is persistence”

Anthem: Glimpse of Us

Year in SDMT: 4th

Jahan Hameed

Jahan Hameed is a senior from New York studying Business Law. Aside from SDMT, you can find Jahan listening to childish Gambino or agonizing over what he’s going to eat for the day. Jahan hopes to work in either corporate or trial law. Their favorite mock trial memory is Linus getting “drunk” off strawberry lemonade. Jahan is an ENFJ whose favorite book is Song of Achilles and whose favorite food is hot pot soup (“made a specific way”). He is motivated by his dream of being a crying attorney instead of a crying witness. Jahan claims that being “remarkably untalented” is their secret talent, and their guilty pleasure is still listening to Britney Spears. When it comes to the great debate of milk before cereal or cereal before milk, Jahan is adamant that cereal goes “AFTER” milk.

Quote: “The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything”

Anthem: House of Pain – The Game

Year in SDMT: 2nd

David Huang

David Huang is a freshman from Irvine CA studying Computer Science. This semester, David is excited to compete in the courtroom. David shares that “I love that in SDMT the people are so kind and nurturing in how to become a better public speaker. Just from the office hours I could tell just how much everyone cared to help me improve my speech, and it felt homelike.” Aside from SDMT, David is also part of the speech and debate club, and one day he hopes to become “a highly proficient programmer who’s able to code front-end and back-end. I hope to begin app development in the next year. Along with eventually dipping my feet into VR development.” David is an ESTP whose favorite show is Psych, favorite book is Harry Potter, favorite movie is Star Wars revenge of the Sith, and whose favorite food is phó. David is motivated by “The fact that one day I will be old and reminiscing about my life. I don’t want to be old and remember how I didn’t try hard enough in every aspect of my life. Whether that pertains to relationships, career goals, academic goals, or personal goals. I don’t want to give myself any reason to be disappointed in myself knowing I could’ve done just a little bit more.” Something we’d never guess about him is that he can “meet Jesus on demand” due to his severe food allergies (watch out!). David’s guilty pleasures are ear wax removal kits or watching ear wax surgeries.

Quote: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Kahil Gibran

Anthem: Clarity – Zedd

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Harlie Jackson

Harlie Jackson is a junior from Phoenix, AZ studying Political Science and African American Studies. Aside from SDMT, Harlie is a community organizer, activist, and social storyteller; she aspires to become a civil rights attorney. This semester in SDMT, Harlie is excited about the opportunity to expand her knowledge and challenge herself. Though she’s not the biggest fan of JK Rowling herself, Harlie is a Ravenclaw and a true Harry Potter nerd. Harlie is Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, and Pisces Rising whose favorite food is pasta and who is motivated by wanting to see a better world for her family. Her unpopular opinion is that watermelon is not good (tastes like chewing water cubes). Something we’d never guess about Harlie is that she does Spoken Word poetry and her guilty pleasure is Mr. Pibb.

Quote: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

Anthem: Free Mind – Tems

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson is a senior from Irvine CA studying Economics and Philosophy. Daniel wants to become a public defender. When asked what he does aside from mock trial, he responded with “Besides mock trials?” This semester Daniel is excited to meet all the new members and to get to hang out with all the people he’s gotten to know over the years. His favorite mock memory is the UARK final round playing the America game against Dickinson College. Daniel fluctuates between ENTP/INTP. His favorite book is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and, while Daniel’s favorite food is lasagne, he is motivated by Chipotle. Something we might not guess about Daniel is that he really loves potatoes. Daniel’s guilty pleasure is the 2016 Yale Mock Trial footage.

Quote: “Live, Laugh, Love” – Barack Obama (?)

Anthem: Hazard Duty Pay by JPEGMAFIA

Year in SDMT: 4th

Peter Kelley

Peter Kelley is a sophomore from Prescott AZ studying Political Science. Peter hopes to attend law school and eventually become a municipal judge. This semester, he’s excited to compete and to meet all our new members. His favorite mock memories were the road trip to Vegas and the debriefs after competitions.  Aside from SDMT, Peter is an avid runner (training for his next half marathon) and loves going to cycling classes! Peter is a Pisces who is motivated by the fear of failure and who loves Legally Blonde and sushi. A hidden talent of Peter’s is that he can get really close to cars driving and not hit them! An unpopular opinion of Peter is that orange juice goes with any food, and his guilty pleasure is Drag Race. 

Quote: “Live, Laugh, Love” – Karen

Anthem: Hottie – Flo Milli

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Natasha Kiriluk

Natasha Kiriluk is a freshman from Mesa AZ studying Political Science and Spanish. When she’s not at mock trial, you can find her reading, writing, playing the violin, or playing piano. Natasha is thinking about becoming a lawyer or working with NGOs, and this semester she’s excited to compete and learn more about law! Natasha is a Cancer/ENFP who loves Wall-E, Pride and Prejudice, Avatar the Last Airbender (the show), and mac and cheese. She’s motivated by helping others and also trying to reach her potential. Natasha’s unpopular opinion is that she likes pineapple on pizza and her guilty pleasure is watching trashy TV dramas. A hidden talent of Natasha’s is that she’s pretty good at Minesweeper!

Quote: “It’s a terrible waste to be happy and not notice it” – Kurt Vonnegut

Anthem: Juice – Lizzo

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Anna Kylat

Anna Kylat is a senior from Tucson AZ studying Biomedical Engineering and Math! Anna hopes to do research work in biomaterials, and when she’s not at SDMT, she’s often reading, painting, or doing yoga. This semester, she’s excited to enjoy her time as a mocker. Her favorite mock memory is acting “incredibly innocent” as Dakota Sutcliffe. Anna is an INFP whose favorite books are the Harry Potter Series and whose favorite food is Spinach and Cheese Ravioli.  She’s motivated by making her parents proud and her guilty pleasure is Rocky Road ice cream. Anna’s unpopular opinion is that milk goes before cereal and a hidden talent of hers is that she knows how to embroider! 

Quote: “The most effective way to do it is to do it” – Amelia Earhart

Anthem: Run the World – Beyonce

Year in SDMT: 3rd

Bonnie Liu

Bonnie Liu is a junior from Taipei, Taiwan studying Computer Science (Software Engineering). Outside of SDMT she allegedly does “nothing,” but we know for a fact she spends time with her besties and with her cat, Guana, SDMT’s current mascot. Bonnie’s goal for her career, whatever path she ends up on, is to be able to sustain herself.  This semester, she’s excited to work with all the amazing people in SDMT. Bonnie’s favorite mock memory is playing with the toy train on the stand as an expert witness (the original train Jelani). Bonnie is an Aquarius/ENTJ who loves chocolate and the show Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She is motivated by the fear of failure and her guilty pleasure is treating Guana as her therapist. Something we might not guess about her is that she plays basketball and tennis!

Quote: “Even if we make mistakes, terrible things, we can try to make things right. And that’s what matters: trying.”

Anthem: One More Time – Daft Punk

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Kam Maag

Kam Maag is a senior from Cottonwood MN studying History and Political Science with a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Kam hopes to teach English abroad and eventually work with international law. Their favorite mock memory is winning a bid to ORCS with team Ghost and this semester, they’re excited to go on road trips to tournaments. Outside of SDMT, you can find Kam playing Stardew Valley, playing Crusader Kings, working out, and going for lots of walks. Kam is an ENFP whose favorite movie is Inglourious Basterds, favorite book is Paradise Lost, favorite show is Better Call Saul, and whose favorite food is the tears of their enemies. Kam is motivated by making people’s day even a little bit better. Kam shares that their unpopular opinion is that both In-n-Out and Chick Fil A are highly overrated. Something we might not guess about Kam is that they and their dog, Andy (RIP Andy), made it to the state dog show when they were in middle school. Kam’s guilty pleasure is musicals. 

Quote: “Man proposes, God disposes” – Ulysses S. Grant

Anthem: Les Mis Overture

Year in SDMT: 3rd

Sam McGee

Sam McGee is a freshman from Seattle WA studying Journalism and Mass Communications. He hopes to become a war correspondent or conflict journalist. This semester in mock trial, Sam looks forward to making friends in the program; outside of mock, you can find him reading, skating, or hanging out with friends. Sam is a Scorpio/INTP whose favorite movie is Drive, favorite book series is The Sea of Fertility, and whose favorite food is pasta. Sam shares that he is motivated by his peers and that an unpopular opinion of his is New Vice News “isn’t terrible.” Something we might not guess about Sam is that he has a double-jointed left thumb. His guilty pleasure is anime.

Quote: “I hate to advocate drugs, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always works for me” – Hunter S Thompson

Anthem: Hacker – Death Grips

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Diya Murthy

Diya Murthy is a freshman from Chandler, AZ. She’s studying Political Science and Economics with the goal of becoming a criminal defense attorney. Outside of SDMT, Diya is active in Barrett student leadership clubs, Young Dems, the ASU Women’s Coalition, Leader Scholarship Program, and Next Generation Service Corps. Diya is a Capricorn/ENTJ who loves public speaking, reading, writing, and skateboarding. Her favorite movie is Interstellar, her favorite book is Flowers for Algernon, and her favorite TV show is New Girl. While we might not guess it about her, Diya shares that she has double-jointed shoulders. Her hot take is that extroverts do not always make the best leaders and her guilty pleasure is Oreos. This semester, she is excited to meet everyone, work on the case, and compete!

Quote: “Fight to the end and be loud and don’t just quietly go away, Beth” – Little Women

Anthem: Eye of the Tiger 

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Patrick Myers

Patrick Myers is a senior from Phoenix AZ studying Accounting and Spanish Literature. Aside from SDMT he “survives (barely)” and he hopes to do his best in whatever career he ends up in! Patrick looks forward to getting to know the newbies and mock road trips. His favorite mock memory is going to the beach after a tournament with his team. When asked if he has a favorite book, movie, or TV show, Patrick responded: “I would have an answer if this was about Youtube video essays.” Patrick is a Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising who loves sushi and homemade fettuccine alfredo and who is motivated by pasta. Patrick’s unpopular opinion is that movies are getting too long, and something we might not guess about him is that he has another sibling beside Sydney! Patrick’s guilty pleasure is snacking on things while he is actively cooking a meal.

Quote: “God is just your honor in the sky. If I go to heaven I will use my best courtroom demeanor.” – Sydney Myers

Anthem: Paradise’ – Rina sawayama

Year in SDMT: 4th

Wendy Ostaszewski

Wendy Ostaszewski is a freshman from Yorba Linda CA. They are studying Music Learning and Teaching with hopes of teaching music while still performing and eventually going to law school. Aside from SDMT, Wendy is a member of Sun Devil Marching Band. She enjoys playing the trombone and learning new things! Wendy is excited to be a part of mock trial and shares that he enjoys the process of working towards a competition and loves performing whatever role he’s filling in for that day. Wendy is a Gemini Sun/Aries Rising/ENFJ-A who loves Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Hunger Games, Queer Eye, and chicken adobo. They are motivated by the desire to learn more and experience as much as they can. Wendy’s unpopular opinion is that “people who don’t like pineapple on pizza just want to hate it” and her guilty pleasure is binge-watching gaming videos on Youtube. She shares that something we might not expect about her is that she loves learning new skills like woodworking, taxidermy, Rose Parade Float Decorating, and sewing. 

Quote: “Whatever you do, do it well” – Walt Disney 

Anthem: Anything by MCR, but mostly Teenagers

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Naomi Pop

Naomi Pop is a sophomore from Mesa AZ. She is studying Criminal Justice with hopes of becoming a lawyer. Outside of SDMT, Naomi is part of the Undergrad Law Association while also working at Macayo’s and going to the gym every day. Naomi is a Scorpio who loves Rick and Morty, pepperoni pizza, coca-cola, and popcorn but hates seafood. She’s motivated by her family and shares that something we’d never guess about her is that she doesn’t have a nose bone. This semester she looks forward to the community and improving her leadership and public speaking skills. 

Quote: “You are what you eat”

Anthem: Pon de Replay – Rihanna 

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Anusha Rahman

Anusha Rahman is a freshman from Chandler AZ studying Finance with hopes of attending law school and going into corporate law. This semester, she is excited to meet new people! Aside from SDMT, Anusha is part of Barrett choir. They share that they are an ENTJ who loves the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once and whose favorite food is alfredo pasta. Anusha also shared that she is motivated by “seeing myself do better than my enemies.” Their unpopular opinion is that the ideal dream job is “NO JOB” and while we might not guess it, they can sing super high. Anusha’s guilty pleasure is watching RuPaul’s drag race. 

Quote: “A woman who does not know herself has no choice other than to live with other people’s evaluations. But no one can adapt perfectly to public opinion. And herein lies the source of their destruction.” -Natsuo Kirino

Anthem: Gravity by EXO

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Ry Reynolds

Ry Reynolds is a sophomore from Tuscon AZ studying Justice Studies and Dance with certificates in Disability Studies and Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies. Ry hopes to become a civil rights and personal injury lawyer. Aside from SDMT, they teach dance, pilates, and yoga. Ry is an Aries who is motivated by achieving their goals, whose favorite food is spaghetti, and whose favorite book series is Magnus Chase. Ry’s guilty pleasure is rewatching Harry Potter movies and, while we might not guess it about them, Ry crochets! This semester with SDMT Ry is excited to learn how to be a better public speaker.

Anthem: Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus 

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Ben Ruiz

Ben Ruiz is a junior from Phoenix AZ studying Business Law with hopes of going to law school and becoming a trial lawyer. Ben is excited to compete with the incredible people in SDMT and to meet our new members! Outside SDMT, Ben likes to play soccer with friends and try out new things. His favorite mock memory is riding to California with Adam and Aaron and stopping by Tombstone and finding the perfect Maddox Vaughn. Ben’s favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother and his favorite food is Hot Wings. Ben is motivated by his family and shares that “being a first-generation student I have a responsibility to my siblings to set an example they could look up to.” An unpopular opinion of Ben is his taste in steak and his guilty pleasure is chocolate milk. 

Quote: “When you feel stuck, punch, kick, and scream. You’ll move even if it’s just an inch.”

Anthem: AMAZING – Rex Orange County

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Adam Scarborough

Adam Scarborough is a senior from Houston TX studying Philosophy and Criminal Justice. His career goal is to “defend Yung Thug in court.” His favorite mock memory is eating a protein bar on the witness stand and this semester in SDMT, he is excited to say “folks” over and over again in his content. He is an INTJ whose favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street and whose favorite food is “big juicy steak.” Adam is motivated by “the dull pain of inconvenience” and his guilty pleasure is Love Island. Aside from SDMT, Adam plays chess, plays basketball, goes to the gym, and works at Gammage. While we might not guess it, Adam is a Drake fan. His unpopular opinion is that James Harden is the best perimeter isolation player of all time. 

Quote: “Dirty soda, Spike Lee, White girl, Ice T, Fully loaded AP” – Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn

Anthem: In the Cut – Drake

Year in SDMT: 4th

Sultan Stipho

Sultan Stipho is a junior from Baghdad studying Political Science and Psychology. This semester, he is excited about tournaments and meeting new people on road trips. Outside of SDMT, he works at a restaurant. Sultan shares that he hopes to become a lawyer, preferably one “with their soul still intact.” Sultan is a Saggitarius/ENFP-T whose favorite show is House, favorite movie is Whiplash, and whose favorite food is sushi. Sultan is motivated by an extreme fear of failure and his guilty pleasure is listening to Clario, Olivia Rodrigo, and Paramore. Something we might not guess about Sultan is that he loves jazz music and he loves to cook more than everything. 

Quote: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

Anthem: Naloxone

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner is a sophomore from Tuscon AZ double majoring in Economics and Violin Performance. She hopes to become an attorney and then a judge. Sarah looks forward to competing in mock trial competitions and aside from SDMT, she runs long-distance races! Sarah is an ISTJ-T whose favorite book is The Boys on the Boat and whose favorite food is anything with potato in it. She is motivated by her career aspirations and dreams and her unpopular opinion is that Starbucks sucks. Sarah’s guilty pleasure is taking ridiculously long naps and her hidden talent is that she can perform some magic tricks! 

Quote: “You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take”

Anthem: The King and I – Eminem CeeLo Green

Year in SDMT: Newbie

Zac Valencia

Zac Valencia is a junior from Alexandria VA studying Business Law and Finance. He hopes to attend law school and become a lawyer. His favorite mock memory is ORCS and he’s excited to return and compete with the friends he made last year and place higher at tournaments this year. Aside from mock trial, Zac is a member of the sailing team. He is an INFJ who loves The Emperor’s New Groove and Hot Cheetos. He shares that he is motivated by doing better than his past performances. Zac’s unpopular opinion is that pineapple goes on pizza and his hidden talent is that he is an amazing Mario Kart player. His guilty pleasure is binge watching shows in a day. 

Quote: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” – Steve Jobs

Anthem: Starboy – The Weeknd

Year in SDMT: 2nd

Emily Wong

Emily Wong is a sophomore from Ahwatukee AZ studying Supply Chain Management and Applied Business Data Analytics with hopes of a career in either business or law. Aside from SDMT, Emily is the outreach coordinator for Kesem, an organization that supports families impacted by cancer. She is also a public affairs intern at the Department of Corrections. In her free time, Emily loves baking, watching movies and k-dramas, and hiking with her dog. This semester she’s excited to meet new people; her favorite mock memory is the summer trial in Vegas. Emily is a Libra/ENTP (debater)/Griffyndor whose favorite movie is The Wind Rises, favorite show is Descendants of the Sun, and whose favorite food is pasta. Her guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality TV and her unpopular opinion is still that Chik-fil-A is overrated. Her hidden talent is that she plays the clarinet and she is always motivated by a good playlist.

Quote: “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss”

Anthem: Foolish – Rich Brian, Warren Hue, Guapdad 4000

Year in SDMT: 2nd