Sundown Showdown

What’s Sundown showdown?

The Sundown Showdown Invitational is Sun Devil Mock Trial’s annual fall invitational tournament. Sundown Showdown is one of the biggest tournaments on the west coast with 15-24 teams competing! Our tournament this year will be hosted November 19-20 at Maricopa County Superior Court South Court tower.

Why Sundown Showdown?

Featured Teams

Sundown Showdown is one of the biggest tournaments on the West Coast. We’ve had 9 top 100 teams, 15 orcs-caliber teams, and teams from 5 different states come to compete with us at Sundown Showdown. While the list of teams changes every year, our tournament always provides strong competition for participants to learn and improve! You can see our past tab summaries here.

2021 Tab Summary

2022 Tab Summary

Professional Judges

Our wonderful judges at Sundown Showdown come from a variety of professions in law and related fields – public defenders, prosecutors, law clerks, professors, judges, and non-profit executives! Not only do they judge the rounds and give helpful comments, but this can also be a good chance to learn and expand your network!

Great Experience

We are one of the only tournaments to offer a jury as part of our competition experience. We aim to have 3 jurors per round who evaluate the trial base on the evidence presented in order to provide a more authentic courtroom experience.

As the host of Sundown Showdown, we value our attendants’ experience. We make sure opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, and everything in between goes smoothly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your stay and focus on the competition. Arizona also has fantastic weather during winter time – come enjoy the sun and explore Tempe a bit while you’re here!

Our past participants have had great experiences at Sundown Showdown…

“Huge shoutout to ASU for running the best tournament my team has ever been to. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a closing ceremony start on time. Huge props!”

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