Mani Kandan

One thought on “Mani Kandan

  1. Mani Kandan hails from Gilbert, Arizona and is a junior in Barrett, the Honors College majoring in Computer Science. This is his third year with SDMT. Mani aspires to use data science to reduce preventable deaths. He also works at Intel; volunteers and serves as Vice President for CCAP (Cervical Cancer Awareness & Protection) Across The Map; cofounded morality, an Artificial Intelligence startup to improve access to legal representation and predict court case outcomes; photographs; and backpacks. He is the only member who can say SDMT is part of his body, and he dreams of complementing this aesthetic in court with a classic all-corduroy ensemble. This lemon-ginger-tea-drinking, Call-Me-By-Your-Name-watching, Elmo-esque-laughing INTJ wishes to give Tyler a hard-boiled egg.

    Hype Anthem: “Grindin’” (NF)

    “Let them say whatever they want and then do whatever you want.” – Ramy Youssef


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