Newbie Spotlight

Every year, Sun Devil Mock Trial welcomes new faces into the program. Every year, these members impress all with their high-caliber enthusiasm and work ethics. Meet the future of SDMT:


Brooke’s favorite role is Danny Kosack, and she is excited to portray AJ McClellan and Ashley Thornhill this semester. SDMT prizes Brooke’s unconventional style. She is never boring to watch on the witness stand, as she frustrates crossing attorneys everywhere and convinces judges that she is actually a Czech immigrant! Returners find Brooke refreshing and motivated; her spunk lends SDMT a unique depth. Brooke’s passion for the legal field and competitions is apparent in the hard work and the heart that she puts into Mock Trial every practice.


Lorena fell in love with Mock Trial in high school, and she has been hooked ever since! She has yet to try her favorite Eastern European accent in-round, but after a phenomenal first semester SDMT is excited to see her saucy style this semester as she opens for the Defense. Lorena notes Edward Nolan, Nicole, and Blake Lively as some of her biggest influencers as she strives to learn the ROE like the back of her hand and craft a successful voir dire. SDMT has been impressed with this perfectionist’s hard work to improve at every role she’s given, but some of Lorena’s greatest strengths and most beloved traits lie outside the courtroom. SDMT sees Lorena as a fiercely devoted friend. She cares for people so easily and prioritizes her loved ones at all times. Whether it is advocating for her Midlands client or her friends in the program, SDMT is confident that Lorena will do so with all her heart.


Matt does Mock Trial for three reasons and three reasons only: friends, fun, and knowledge! So far, Mock Trial has helped Matt to make some remarkable memories, which include impeaching Grace and irritating Tyler with a nasty case of cotton mouth. Although Matt’s favorite role is unmistakably timekeeper, this semester he is looking forward to opening for the Plaintiff and portraying Dr. McCoy. Despite Matt’s niche personality trait of randomly emulating a southern persona, he is the light of SDMT’s life. Matt’s polished courtroom presence, dapper attire, and hard-working attitude make this resident robot and Ariana Grande enthusiast an incredible addition to SDMT!


Keith does Mock Trial because it is equal parts entertaining and intellectual. Although Keith loves witnessing, this semester he will be opening for the Plaintiff… and hopefully bringing a little Agent Smith or Christopher Lee flair to his roles! Keith notes Elana and Max as positive influences in the SDMT circuit. Keith strives to win an outstanding attorney award.